Hil was born in San Francisco and grew up just north in Marin County, California. Having a healthy interest in art since childhood, he encountered several art teachers who reinforced and broadened his artistic viewpoint, including the painter, Charles Maurice, and the great potter and teacher Al Widenhofer.

In 1970 Hil received a BA in Art from Cal State Sonoma and followed this with one year of study abroad.

Hil continued to paint both in acrylics and watercolors until the late 1990′s. It was at this time that he made close friends with and studied under Jerry Stitt, AWS, NWS, who he describes as the finest living painting instructor.

In 2000, Jerry, having recognized Hil’s talent urged him to enter various art competitions.

Hil has won many awards, before and since, but this is a snapshot or some of the more noteworthy of that period:

  • 2004 California Watercolor Society National Show
  • 2004 Aqua Areas Show, Best of Show
  • 2004 Adirondack National Exibition of American Watercolors, Bradley C. Barnard Award
  • 2004 Marin Society of Artists, National Show award
  • 2004 Marin Society of Artists Open Show, Best of Show
  • 2003 National Watercolor Society, Membership Exhibition, NWS Award
  • 2002 Awarded Signature Membership, National Watercolor Society
  • 2002 California Watercolor Society, National Exhibition Award
  • 2001 American Watercolor Society National Show, New York City

Hil lives with his wonderfully supportive wife, Theresa and dog, Gus in San Anselmo, California.

He further credits the writings on art, by L. Ron Hubbard, as a key to sorting out the complexities of the subject.